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Your latest medical innovation is validated, it is on the market, but you don’t know how to develop its visibility? Your discovery can help health professionals in their work, contribute to research efforts in the field or provide better care for a patient, etc. Yes, but here we are, if no one hears about your break-through, it will not be used (or only slightly). For it to have a strong impact, it must therefore be adopted on a massive scale throughout the world. Our 5-step advice to effectively develop the visibility and legitimacy of your innovation.

1. Which communication media should be used?

When you hear about something new, a common reflex is to go on the Internet for a little more knowledge. Your customers, your partners, health professionals (surgeons, doctors, researchers, etc.), medical companies, patients, etc. all carry out targeted research on the web. Your website must be up to your ambitions! You therefore need a clear and effective website, that is, an explicit and reassuring website to legitimize your offer.

Do you want to attract an international target? Your communication must be naturally multilingual (English at least). Be accompanied by a medical and pharmaceutical translation agency in order to ensure flawless quality for your content. It’s all about your brand image!

In addition, provide a brief presentation brochure adapted to your positioning with a link to your website. Ideally, this brochure will also be in several languages. This brochure will be handed over in person during meetings (events, symposia, trade fairs).

Armed with these two essential communication tools, you are ready to take the next steps and tackle press relations.

2. The importance of press relations

For the scientific community and the World Health Organization to welcome the innovation you present to them, they must hear about it, and for that, press relations are your allies. Medical research, health and medical innovation magazines that touch both the public and private sectors support the legitimacy of your progress in research and development and your innovative medical devices.

The general public press allows you to reach patients or future patients and their families and to increase the visibility of your innovation in healthcare.

In short: the specialised press gives you legitimacy and visibility in the eyes of the general public press. We would tend to favour the first one but both offer a fantastic complementary approach!

3. Accessible quality content

Let’s take the example of a patient who needs surgery in a few months for their thyroid gland. Before making an appointment, they ask about the different medical devices that exist. For surgery, they may prefer a hospital with innovative devices such as fluorescence imaging which makes it possible to make the intervention safer.

The patient, their close family and friends, therefore learn about the advances in medical research, the risks and the different options available to them. From their doctor, but also on the Internet, in the press, etc.

To be chosen, you must be visible by offering quality content: professional website, blog articles that deal with the problems you solve, interviews in the specialized press, and so on. Become unmissable!

4. How to craft a good pitch?

Being able to explain your subject online, via brochures or articles, is fine, but you must be ready to convince in all circumstances! Whether it is during a presentation at a medical conference of the Foundation of the Academy of Medicine (FAM), in Paris, at congresses in different European countries, in Brazil, Russia, India or China, at training courses in, among others, Lyon, Bordeaux, Vietnam, Cameroon. Wherever you are, you must be able to present your innovation in a few words, in French and in English, and if possible in other languages. Prepare a pitch in two versions beforehand: a long and a short one, in order to explain your innovation in a convincing way, in all circumstances.

5. Professional translation, an asset for credibility

To bring your speech to the international level, your content must be irreproachable in all languages. Beware of approximations, worse, translation errors that would discredit the seriousness of your innovation.

It is therefore essential to use professional medical translators for content as accurate in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc. as it is in French. Since the slightest translation error, a poorly chosen word could have serious consequences in addition to damaging your image.

Thanks to specialized translators who are native speakers of the target languages and have solid experience in the medical or pharmaceutical field (doctors, pharmacists, etc.), IPAC, for example, supports health professionals in their international communication.

To give visibility to your medical innovation several tools are to be taken into account. Professional and adapted communication supports with a clear and multilingual website and effective presentation brochures; good press relations with the specialized press to gain legitimacy but also with the general press for visibility; clear and accessible content for all, tonic and rewarding pitches adapted to different audiences and situations; and impeccable translation in several languages thanks to specialized translators. Now you are ready to boost the visibility of your innovation!